NFTs in the physical world

Etay Matzliah

NFTs in the physical world

While everyone has heard of celebrities and companies purchasing Bored Apes and Crypto Punks for hundred thousands of Dollars only to flex, there's a whole new world of possibilities that the Web3 space have opened up for us that no one speaks of - the physical aspect of NFTs.

Now, you might be asking "why would I want to use NFTs in the real world? The traditional systems digital items are currently used in the physical world are great!".
While that's true, those systems missing one important feature that you never knew you needed - True Ownership.

While you might not see it just yet, there are numerous of benefits to truly owning digital items.
Let me explain those benefits in two different scenarios:

Trustless system

Scenario #1: You have purchased a Ticket to a concert of your favorite band, unfortunately, 4 hours before the concert begins, there's an emergency and you can't go to the concert.
Luckily, you have found a buyer that wants to buy the ticket from you. The problem is, how do you transfer the ownership of that digital ticket to the buyer? How can he trust you not to enter the concert using the same ticket? NFT technology solves this trust issue because once you sold the ticket to the buyer, you don't need to trust him not to use it. The ownership of that ticket automatically moves to him on the blockchain, meaning that if the seller tries to enter the concert after selling the ticket, he will be rejected at the entrance.

Scanning QR to enter a concert using Valee

Built-in inventory system.

Scenario #2: A fast-food chain has a loyalty program - offering discounts to the digital subscribers. To join the program, you buy a subscription from the chain's website.
A year have passed and you decided you want to be healthier and sell your subscription to the program.
Similar to the previous scenario, the problem is, the chain doesn't have a system that allows transferring ownership of the program's subscription. With NFTs, these systems are built-in on the blockchain level.

Introducing Valee

We know that blockchain and NFTs are buzzwords that can be intimidating, but once you realize what they can solve, they shouldn't be.
That's why we made Valee, an easy-to-use platform that aims to solve these issues by implementing Web3 features and letting people redeem physical benefits using NFTs.

Redeeming a benefit using Valee

Using our platform, the Band from Scenario #1 can allow their ticket NFT holders to enter the concert without worrying that the guy they bought the ticket from will scam them.
The fast-food chain from Scenario #2 can allow their clients to sell or transfer ownership of their subscriptions without worrying about spending a lot of money building and maintaining these features.

Creating a benefit on Valee

Try it yourself, Start using Valee today!

Written By
Etay Matzliah

Valee's Founder