Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction
    1. Valee welcomes you to its Platform. Your privacy is important to us. Please read the policy to discover what information is collected about you and what we do with it.
    2. This Privacy is an integral part of the Terms of Service, which can be located here: The terms in this policy have the same meaning as the same terms in the Terms of Service.
    3. By using the Services you affirm that you have read the Terms including this policy and you grant your informed consent to gather and use your information according this policy.
    4. You are not obligated to agree to the Terms or to the policy, or with any provision thereof, but if you don't gran your consent, you are not allowed to use the Platform and you are required to refrain from using the Services.
    5. Contact us: In any inquiry or issue regarding your privacy, or if you believe that your privacy was compromised, you are invited to contact us by submitting all the details relevant to your issue or inquiry in an email to:
  2. Collected Information
    1. Through the registration process with the Services and use of the Services we will collect Information about you and about your use of the Services (the 'Information'). We will collect the following Information:
      1. Vendor: legal name and e-mail address;
      2. NFT Holder: wallet address, NFT identifier of the NFT used to redeem Vendor Benefits, date and time of your interactions with the Platform, and the Content you interacted with.
    2. Through your use of the Services we will also collect the following Information:
      1. Meta-Data regarding your use of the Services, such as, times of use, duration, frequency, technical information regarding your computer or handheld device, and features that you use.
      2. Information from other web vendors such as Facebook and Google;
    3. You are not obligated to submit the Information, but if you would not provide us with the required information, you will not be permitted to use the Services.
  3. Use and processing of Information
    1. The basis of our use of the Information is your consent and for the purpose of enabling performance of contracts that you may be party to through your use of the Platform.
    2. Valee may use your collected Information for the following purposes:
      1. Provide you with the Services;
      2. Improving the quality or the accuracy of the Services;
      3. Providing support and assistance to your use of the Service;
      4. Send you notifications and updates regarding the Services;
      5. Subject to your consent, send you advertisements, and offers by third parties; we will not share your information with such advertisers.
      6. Provide you with customized advertisements;
      7. Conducting quizzes and surveys;
      8. Aggregating anonymous use data for statistical purposes;
      9. Enforcing the Terms;
      10. Complying with any law or any order of a competent authority;
  4. Disclosure of the Information
    1. We may disclose with Vendors collected Information of NFT Holders that have redeemed Benefits to the extent required for the Vendors to perform their obligations in connection with their Goods and Benefits and also to provide Vendors with analytics data related to redeeming of Benefits.
    2. Valee may disclose the Information with third parties in on its own discretion in the following cases:
      1. If Valee concludes that the disclosure is required to comply with an effective law, court order, or with an order of a competent authority;
      2. If Valee concludes that the disclosure is required to prevent infringement of rights or damage to persons or property;
      3. If Valee is acquired by a third party entity, merged into another entity, or if Valee elects to provide the Services through a different entity, provided that the new entity shall be bound by the provisions of the Terms and this privacy policy.
      4. Valee may share the information with our affiliated service providers to provide us with services required for us to Provide the Service; this disclosure will be under our directions and under the provision of the Terms;
      5. Valee may share the information with other users of the Service, either directly through the Services, or through social networks, if you elect to do so.
    3. The Content that you submit to the Service for disclosure with all users of the Services is not private or confidential. You may decide if you submit such Content or not, but if you do, you should not have any expectation for privacy in respect to such Content.
  5. Integration with Third Party Web Providers
    1. Third-Party Web Providers may provide services such as online chat services and one-click registration and log-in via social networks and web services providers such as Facebook and Google.
    2. Many such providers may allow us to take the Information required to register you to the Services, directly from the third-party Provider's database. Other Third-Party Web Providers may collect information such as your e-mail address and chat content. Use of third-party services is optional and is not necessary to use our Services. If you elect to use such third-party services that may be integrated into the Platform, such use will be under any terms and conditions employed by such Third-Party Web Providers.
    3. The transfer of Information will take place only where you permit us and the third party to make such an exchange.
  6. Controlling Information
    1. You may ask us to delete, access, and rectify any Information you provided us. In such case, we will make reasonable efforts to delete your account and Information or otherwise comply with your request to the extent required by the relevant laws. You should note that full deletion of the Information may take time since we need to delete the Information from our backup servers.
  7. Cookies
    1. Cookies are files that contain information that may be used to identify you with the Services. Cookies may be stored on your device to ease the identification process each time you enter the Services, to collect meta-data, and to other accepted uses.
    2. You hereby grant us permission to save cookies on your device and retrieve them per need. If you want to prevent us from using cookies, you may freely change the required preferences in your browser, but be advised that such action may degrade the Service or prevent it wholly.  
  8. Information Security
    1. Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we employ reasonable means and measures such as various information security systems and applications in order to keep your information safe and to prevent breach of our servers. We dedicate many resources to minimize the risk of breach, data theft and loss. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the web and its inherent risks, we may not give any assurance that such a breach will not occur.
    2. Consequently, you may not have any expectation that our services will not be harmed from an attack by a hostile entity aiming to unlawfully access or abuse the Service
  9. Revision of the Privacy Policy
    1. Valee may from time to time revise the policy. Upon any change to the policy you will be notified. You may identify if a revision was made by the last revision date indicated at the bottom of this document.
    2. Any revision of this policy will be effective 7 days after notifying you with the change, unless the revision is required to comply with the law or with an order from a competent court or authority, in which case, the change will become effective immediately.
    3. Your use of the Service after a revision of the Terms constitutes your approval of the revised Terms.

last revised: 9 October 2020